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Created by Camilla Fellas Arnold, I Love Shelties was born out of her love of Shetland Sheepdogs, desire to raise more awareness about this fantastic breed and her wish to increase the representation of this breed in the media and on products.


What people say about the I Love Shelties Annual

"If you love shelties BUY THIS! Packed with photos and stories of this amazing breed of dog. Guaranteed to make you smile, laugh and cry. A must-buy for all shelties owners and lovers."
Samantha Christie
"An absolutely lovely book and a must have for sheltie lovers! Lots of stories from owners of this wonderful breed. Made me smile, laugh and I will admit to a couple of tears! Very well presented and will enjoy coming back to it time and time again!"
Charlotte Dable
"This is a delightful little book for those who love the Sheltie, filled with photos of those adorable Shetland Sheepdogs. Great for an afternoon’s read, filled with interesting stories about individual Shelties, and plenty of closeup photos of these beautiful dogs from around the world."
K Leonard
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