The Interpreter

About Mummy

Mummy does all the typing for us because she is super fast at it and she’s fluent in talking dog so she is our chief translator and writes whatever we say. She likes to think she’s the boss but we’ve got her wrapped around our paws and know how to get round her with our puppy dog eyes. Mummy really loves teaching us tricks and we like it because we get lots of treats. Mummy is also the one who does the designing and takes most of the photos of us (sometimes Daddy and Netty Nan help) but she always gives us a treat for staying still so we don’t mind really because Mummy knows how to capture our best side.

Meet Our Team

A family run business that fell in love with Shelties over 20 years ago, we want to share the joy of the Shetland Sheepdog with as many people as possible!