2021 Annual

Find out how to be part of our I Love Shelties Annual 2021

I Love Shelties Annual 2021

Who said annuals are for kids or relics of the past? Let’s celebrate our love of the amazing Shetland Sheepdog with the all-new I Love Shelties Annual 2021!

Featuring shelties from around the world this global celebration of our favourite breed is due for release 10th November 2020 and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Sheltie Rescue in the UK. The annual will be published by Tecassia Publishing, a small publishing company based in the UK run by Camilla Fellas Arnold, a sheltie lover and owner for 23 years.

In order to make the annual possible, we are going to need your help, pups! We want to include as many beautiful shelties as possible from all over the world so that’s where your pawrents come in! We want to include your pictures and stories on the following topics. Submission details are at the bottom of the page!

Submissions Deadline: Monday 7th September 2020.

Deadline Extended: 28th September 2020.

Photo submissions:

There are lots of categories to choose from so send as many images as you have that fit for lots of chances to be included! Please include your Sheltie’s name, age, location and a short blurb about the picture. For craft/art submissions, include a description of the product, your name, email and website link where we can find out more information.

  • Funny Sheltie Photos
  • Shelties Staying Safe in Lockdown
  • Puppies Born in Lockdown
  • Sleeping Shelties
  • Swimming Shelties
  • Snow Shelties
  • Muddy Shelties
  • Dressing up for Halloween/Christmas/Easter
  • Wedding Shelties
  • Your First Sheltie
  • Shelties Celebrating their Birthday
  • Shelties that went over Rainbow Bridge this year
  • Therapy or Support Shelties doing their job
  • Shelties enjoying the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons
  • Clever Shelties – doing tricks or dog sports
  • Naughtiest Shelties – who has been caught in the act?
  • Golden Oldies – show us your beautiful veterans! Who has the oldest sheltie currently alive?
  • Heart Dogs – those special shelties that hold a place in your heart. Send us a photo and explain in 50 words or less why they are your heart dog!
  • Crufts Shelties – Shelties who were meant to go to Crufts this year but couldn’t due to lockdown. Also if your shelties did compete in Crufts this year we’d love to hear from them too and know how they got on!
  • Sheltie Crafts and Creations – are you an artist or make something amazing featuring shelties? Maybe you’ve written a sheltie book? We want to showcase your work!
  • Sheltie Artwork – have you created an inspiring piece of artwork featuring shelties? We’d love to include it!

Story submissions:

We also have some pages dedicated to longer stories that will feature a photo and some text to accompany it. Please include your Sheltie’s name, age and location with your submission and see each story submission guidelines for extra details.

What makes a sheltie so special – What is it that you love about the shetland sheepdog? Send us a photo and write in 50 words or less why shelties are so special to you.

Sheltie Dating – if your sheltie was on a dating website, what would be their profile picture? send a picture and a short bio with their name, age, location and their dating bio of approx 50 words.

Sheltie Rescue – have you rescued a sheltie? Share their story and picture (a before and after picture if you have both!) Stories should be no longer than 300 words.

Accidents happen/Overcoming adversity – has disaster struck but you made it through? Was your pup born with a several illness but is fighting back? We want to hear your stories of shelties being courageous in the face of adversity! Include up to 5 images and stories should be 500 words or less.

Sheltie achievements – has your sheltie achieved something incredible? Whether that’s as a show dog, agility champion or something else, we want to hear from you! Share their picture and stories should be 300 words or less.

Poetry/short stories – have you written a poem or short story about our favourite breed? We’d love to include them!

How to Submit:

Submissions Deadline: Monday 7th September 2020.

Deadline Extended: 28th September 2020.

Please send your submissions to info@tecassia.com with the subject ‘Sheltie Annual‘ and include your Sheltie’s name/age/location in the submission. Images should be as large and high resolution as possible but please emails no larger than 3MB with attachments. If you wish to send any larger files, please send them via www.wetransfer.com or a similar service.

GMAIL USERS PLEASE NOTE: Our servers are having issues accepting emails with attachments from Gmail accounts so please send via www.wetransfer.com or similar (it’s free to use!)

By submitting you agree to our terms and conditions. Please ensure that you have permission to submit the images if you did not take them and if the images include any people, that those people have given their permission for it to be used inside the book.

We will endeavour to include as many submissions as possible but depending on the volume of submissions this may not be possible to include everyone. If you have been successful you will be informed by 30th September 2020. Please add info@tecassia.com to your contacts or whitelist the email address to ensure you do not miss any communications regarding the annual.

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